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2 Minute Games - 2 MinuteGames.com 2 Minute Games - 2 MinuteGames.com A great selection of quick original games.
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Your all time favourites

The top 2 minute games as voted by you. The very best games and puzzles sorted into order. The top 30...

Rockbasher - Dig tunnels - but don't get crushed by falling rocks!

Puzzle Prime - All the puzzles you could ever want

Jigsaw Puzzles - Free online daily jigsaw puzzles.

Planet matching - 3 or more matching

Geography snap - Match the countries and flags, as fast as you can

Twisted Pac Man - Territory version of Pac Man

Find the Difference - Find the differences.... fun! Over 70 progressive levels - aka "Spot the difference"

Bubble shooter - Idle away the hours, shooting bubbles.

Ant Buster - Ants stealing cake...

Bammi - Go for a chain reaction in this odd pie game!

Monday punday - A new pun puzzle to solve each monday

N-gon - Robot scrolling physicsy platform game

Captain Foraxian - Galaxian-inspired arcade game. Space and arrow keys. Pew pew pew!

Color game - Simply match the colours

Tower Blocks - Build a tower that is as tall as possible. Completely pointless.

Annoying People - Retro-style maze game. Get the keys to unlock doors.

Daily Jigsaw - While away the hours with a daily jigsaw puzzle

Factory Balls 2 - Love it - unusual

Hexagonal 2048 - Slightly easier than the original

Doeo's - Collect em - whatever they are!

Totem Destroyer - Fun balance game

Christmas Bells Game - Cute Christmas game... landing on the bird doubles your points

Cursor 10 - Co-operate with yourself - fun!

Nanaca-Crash - weird one :o)

Choppity Chop - Chop stuff up with Ratatouille

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Delux 3 - Latest guitar hero clone - fun!

Parking in style - Park your car without destroying it

Sugar, Sugar - Particle game - love it

Combination lock - Addictive "Crack the code" math game - progressive and multiplayer modes.

3D Logic - Neat puzzle


TOP 10
1. Jigsaw Puzzles
2. Zebra puzzles
3. Gerrymandering
4. Ballz Online
5. Bubble shooter
6. Daily Jigsaw
7. Drench
8. World of Solitaire
9. Sudoku slam
10. N-gon

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