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All the games A-Z

All our 2 minute games listed alphabetically for your convenience.

1000 Seconds - Just hold the button down.

1924 - A platform game from the era of silent movies...

2020 game - Can you make it to 2021?

2048 - Remember this? Use the arrow keys to combine blocks, try to reach 2048

2048 cubed - 2048 in a 3D cube! Arrow keys, F, and V to slide. Spin the cube with the mouse.

2048 Numberwang - That's Numberwang!

2048 Solitaire - An interesting combination of 2048 and Solitaire.

2248 - Another doubling game. Slide tiles horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

2D driving game - Pointless 2 minute game!

3 slices - Slice the blocks, remove as much red as you can.

3D Logic - Neat puzzle

3d logic 2 - Pathway logic puzzles - Version 2

3rd world farmer - Can you survive as a farmer in a third world country?

400 years - A calamity is coming. You have to embark on a journey to stop it... And you only have 400 years.

40xEscape - Escape the same room 40 times

58 original games - with no ads :-) (previously 57!)

9007199254740992 - Get to the 9007199254740992 tile

99 balls - Kind of breakout pool mashup game

A Silent Forest - A text-based point-and-click adventure game

Achievement unlocked - how many can you get?

Achievement Unlocked 2 - version 2 :-)

Achievement Unlocked 3 - The Third Installment of Achievement Unlocked!

Agar.io - A multiplayer eat-or-be-eaten game

AI Dungeon - AI-generated text adventures with infinite possibilities.

Alight (in dreams) - Poignant platform game with multiple endings, plus a secret bonus ending.

Alphametics + Cryptarithms - Number puzzles...

Amanita-Design - jump it - odd game :-)

Annoying People - Retro-style maze game. Get the keys to unlock doors.

Ant Buster - Ants stealing cake...

Antidepressant or Tolkien - Middle-Earth or Medication?

Arcane Intern - An interactive story game about discovering magic.

AreYou14.com - "Unorthodox sites for open minded people" it says here....(by us)

Arrow tag - Arrow collector - fast "mouse over" game

Astro Alpaca - An alpaca in space

Atakachik - Fire your red hearts of love at yellow chicks. Avoid unicorns and other woodland creatures!

Auction game - Guess the price of paintings and artworks

Babbl - A multiplayer infinite scrabble game

Bafflement Fires - The Bafflement Fires, a digital re-creation of a lost freemason game.

Baguette sprint - Can you get all your baguettes back to your home?

Bammi - Go for a chain reaction in this odd pie game!

Bean Bean Bean - Answer questions correctly to donate beans to charity

Big tower tiny square - Climb the big tower. Save your pineapple.

Black hole - Fill white space with black holes

Block the pig - Cute little hex puzzle game - stop the pig from escaping

Bloons - pointless two minute timewaster...

Bloxorz - Simply get the block to fall into the square hole.

Bob the Button - Pointless, but don't you want to know what happens next...?

Boomerang Chang - Try to avoid being hit by your own boomerang.

Bottle Flip Challenge - Flip the bottle so it lands upright. And again. And again...

Bowmaster Prelude - Errmmm - this one takes longer than 2 minutes! We like it anyhow - so it gets in!

Box spin - fun 2 minute game :-)

Bracelets - Drag gems to make groups of matching colours

Break the wall - Just click at the right time. Yesss!!!!

Bruno Simon - Drive a car around somebody's home page.

Bubble popping - Fun popping game

Bubble shooter - Idle away the hours, shooting bubbles.

Burn the Rope - You have to burn the rope. The music is what makes this game.

Candy box 2 - ASCII art RPG. Be patient...

Captain Foraxian - Galaxian-inspired arcade game. Space and arrow keys. Pew pew pew!

Captain Forever - fun / odd game

Casanova - Cute game with kissing giraffes...

Castle Clout - Catapult game - addictive!

Cat training - Touch the cats with the mouse to make them copy the leader. Totally pointless.

Chat Noir - Trap the cat - click the circles to stop the cat escaping.

Checkbox Olympics - Just click the boxes, one by one

Checkers - Play Checkers against the computer, or 2-player option

Choice of the Dragon - A multiple choice game, in which you play as a dragon.

Choppity Chop - Chop stuff up with Ratatouille

Christmas Bells Game - Cute Christmas game... landing on the bird doubles your points

Christmas Cat - Find the Christmas Cat

Chronotron - Cute time-travel game

Circle the Cat - fun!

Classic Mahjong - Mahjong Solitaire game, with more than 100 layouts.

Click the colour - and not the word

Clicker heroes - Clicking game where you get heroes and upgrade stuff.Utterly pointless.

Clop - Being a unicorn is harder than it looks

Code Breaker - A Mastermind like game. Crack the code fast enough, make the Top 10.

Collapse blast - Click on matching blocks and bonus items

Color game - Simply match the colours

Color Quiz - Five minute personality test based on decades of research by color psychologists - pointless or poignant ?

Colour changing card trick - No camera tricks!

Coma Game - odd quirky game

Combination lock - Addictive "Crack the code" math game - progressive and multiplayer modes.

Concentric Holic - Puzzle game. Try to eliminate all the pieces.

Confused Travolta - Perform various tasks while Travolta is confused.

ConTENtric - 10 seconds times 12 =...?

Continuity Game - 2 minute game :-)

Contrast Cannon - Odd ball game :-)

Crazy Pig Simulator - You are a pig, destroying a city. Oink.

Cricket! - Batting...

Crush the castle - This looks familiar

Cube3D - Physics game, use arrow keys, and number keys to change cube.

Cursor 10 - Co-operate with yourself - fun!

Cursor Thief - Don't let the thief grab your cursor

Curve Fever - Multiplayer hybrid asteroids/snake game

Curve Fever 2 - Curve fever 2, online multiplayer snake-alike

Curveball - 3D pong. Try putting some spin on the ball for extra fun.

Cut bread - How well can you cut bread into pieces the same size?

Daily Jigsaw - While away the hours with a daily jigsaw puzzle

Damn.dog - Guess the WikiHow tutorial from a single image

Daydoku - Cover a calendar with polyominoes, leaving just today visible

Dead Sticks - A pointy clicky swingy sticky physics puzzle game

Deadly Queen - Retro arcade-style game. Blow yourself up to win the level.

Defend your castle - 2 minutes or 2 hours - fun!

Demolo - 3-D tile matching game

Disorientation Game - Original mind bending orientation game...

Disposabot - Disposable robot platform game

Distraction Game - You just have to concentrate

Doeo's - Collect em - whatever they are!

Doge 2048 - Much 2048. Very doge. So entertain.

Dolphin olympics - Make the dolphin jump all the way to the end of the universe

Don't check it - Have you got the willpower to win this game?

Doodle devil - Combine things, make new things.

Doodle God 2 - Combine things to make more things!

Door - A(door)able game

Dots dots dots - qwer uiop asdf jkl;

Double Panda - Help the little pandas eat cake.. and pie.. and noodles...

Double wires - Spiderman type dangly fun...

Dragger - Drag the pieces to complete the picture

Dragon vs Bricks - Collect enough bonuses to get you through the numbered bricks

Draw Logos - Try to draw logos from memory

Draw This - Multiplayer guess-the-drawing game

Drawception - Draw, describe, draw, describe, draw, describe, repeat...

Dream car racing - Build and race your own car.

Dream Car Racing 2 - More build-your-own car shenanigans

Drench - Drench the board in a single colour to win the game

Drowning in Problems - All the trials of life, condensed into pointless button-clicking.

Duck - Lateral thinking "duck" game

Eagle Ride - Ride the eagle and avoid hitting the trees! Turn the volume down first.

Echo - Pattern-based music-making and mixing game

Eldrow - Wordle in reverse. Think of a word to stump the game!

Elephant Quest - An elephant on a quest to retrieve his bowler hat

Emoji chicken adventure - A chicken simulator with emoji

Epic Combo - Fill the screen with turtle carapaces for epic combos.... weirdly compelling...

Escape - ESC key to play...

Escape from 26 - A point-and-click escape game

Escape games - A collection of point and click escape rooms.

Escape the office - Point and click

Eurosong Generator - Create your Eurovision entry and see where it places.

Exchange Frog - Try to swap the positions of the frogs. Click a frog to make it hop forward 1 or 2 places.

Expert Wrassling - Peculiar wrestling game.

Eyeball game - How accurate are you?

Eyeballing game - How accurately can you judge geometry by eye?

Factory Balls 2 - Love it - unusual

Factory Balls 3 - The latest Ball factory game

Factory Balls Boo! - Halloween edition. Better late than never.

Factory balls forever - Decorate the balls to match the picture!

Factory Idle - Create your own manufacturing empire. The ultimate cookie-clicker.

Fafu the Ostrich - Pointless graphical adventure

Falling for ever - Don't get frazzled

Fields of Logic - Turning televisions around in a field ...

Fill the Oceans - Another clicker game - fill the oceans, drop by drop

Find the Difference - Find the differences.... fun! Over 70 progressive levels - aka "Spot the difference"

find the dot - Pointless game - find the coloured dot, click it...

Fisher Diver - Waste huge amounts of time....

Flappy 2048 - Two addictive games rolled into one

Fleeing the complex - A stick-figure escape game

Flight - Fly your paper plane to London

Flip Master - Trampolining game. Don't try this at home.

Flippit - Flip the stones so they are all the same colour

Floppy Frog - A two-key physics game

Flur - Drift through the dream-like world of Flur. Learn... Grow... Explore... Is there any point to this? Red = bad! Love it - 85 achievements

Fly Killer - Fly swatter game - Get 10 as quick as possible

Follow the Mouse - Can you reveal the whole message?

Four Colour - Fill the shapes so no touching areas have the same colour

Four second Frenzy - Try 30 of them - then that makes 2 minutes! :-)

Fracture - Space shoot em up - abstract addictive

FreeRider HD - Check out other people's freerider creations

Frizzle Fraz 2 - Rescue the Frizzles! Collect stuff! Use arrow keys.

Fun Trivia - A website with quizzes about everything and anything.

Game About Squares - Just push the squares onto the circles

Games for the Brain - Keep your brain-cells working.

Gamespot 404 - A 404-page with a nice Rogue-like game

Garbage cat - Truly pointless. You are cat trying to wake your owner.

GeoFS - Flight Simulator using Google maps. Use number keys to control throttle.

Geography snap - Match the countries and flags, as fast as you can

GeoGuessr - Guess the location of a random image from Google maps.

Gerrymandering - Redraw boundaries to influence elections

Get 1000 - Try to get 1000 - a bit like 1024

Get to Z - Click the links from A to Z. Simple to play - hard to master.

GIRP - Exhausting climbing game. (click gives a boost)

Gold digger - Dig for golf and gemstones

Gold Run - Get the gold, dig holes to trap the chasers

Goodby burger city - It's all about the burgers

Google Pacman - Eat the dots, eat the fruit, avoid the ghosts.

Googlemap snake - Play snake on the world.

Goose fame - Eat the goodies, grow from a gosling to the boss goose.

Got Rhythm - Can you keep the beat?

Gourmand Grenouille - Greedy frog eats flies, fish, boats - whatever.

Grid 16 - 16 games in one - just nuts!!!

Grid lock - try to get the dark grey one out....

Gridland - 'Match 3' game with a twist. Get building materials by day, and get swords and shields to battle monsters by night.

Grow Tribute - A tribute to 'Grow'

Gtttatint - Platform game, with 100 variations.

Guess the price - Do you know the value of stuff?

Guitar Hero on the web - Guitar game

Halloween Mountain - A collection of halloween games

Hash game - how in th

Haunt the house - Spook the living people out of your house

Hello Worlds - odd game with multiple parts

Hex FRVR - Place the pieces on the grid, try to complete lines

Hexagonal 2048 - Slightly easier than the original

Hexar - Multi-player game of hex-pansion, hex-ploration and hex-plosion

hexxagon - A bit like reversi/othello, but different.

Higher Lower - Google guessing game

Hit Red Button - Simply swing on the string and hit the red button.

Hoverboard - Return to play area!

Human Benchmark - Test your mental abilities

Hunt the Wumpus - Classic text adventure that takes place on a dodecahedron. I smell a Wumpus!

Hypernom - Some weird 4D dodecahedrom nomming. No, we don't understand it either.

I wish I were the moon - Find all the endings

Icarus needs - Icarus needs... to wake up. Interactive comic-strip game.

Idiot Test - hummm... we reached "Smart"!

Idiot Test 2 - Go up the rankings....

Idle Ant - Click game - can you create the ultimate Ant empire?

Idle Breakout - Breakout remade as an idle-clicker game. Pointless.

Impossible Quiz 2 - Think laterally!

Impuzzibility - Impossible puzzles - Impuzzibles (Slightly longer than 2 minutes...)

IMTYPTWAE - I made this. You play this. We are enemies.

In Drmzzz - A Bart Bonte game

Incredibots2 - Create your own robot vehicles

Inkteger - Multicoloured Minesweeper. Click 'EN' for English instructions

Interplanetary Postal Service - Deliver the mail without crashing your space lander

Invisible cow - Find the invisible cow

Invisible Elephant - Where is the invisible elephant?

isle of tune - Build an island and make music at the same time! Click 'SKIP' to go to the PC game.

Isoball XI - Build a track to get the ball to roll into the hole

Jelly Mario - Something is very wrong in Mario Land

Jellyman - Cute and pointless puzzle game

Jet Rush - Just fly your jet through the rings without crashing

Jetpunk - Daily quiz

Jigsaw Puzzles - Free online daily jigsaw puzzles.

journaliere - Very odd graphical adventure. Use arrow keys and space bar.

Jumping Box - Jump little box :o)

Jumping Long - Long jump game, with upgrades.

Just Give Up 2 - Why continue if you can just give up?

Kaguya Table - weird!

Kanye zone - Don't let Kanye into his zone

Karoshi Suicide Salaryman - The objective is to kill yourself. Interesting concept for a puzzle game.

Kern Type - Test your kerning abilities

Kingdom of Loathing - Point-and-click multiplayer adventure, with stick figures.

Klikwerk - Click, point and drag game...

Language Guesser - Guess the language of random music videos.

Language Squad - How many languages or alphabets can you identify?

Lars adventure - We all know the atomic bomb is very dangerous

Laserguns - Lasers and a squirrel. Pew pew pew.

Launchball - Science-based game, make machines to solve puzzles

Lazy Fly - Addictive game - simply help the fly get back to bed

Learn to fly 2 - You are a penguin, learning to fly through the power of upgrades.

Letterle - Like Wordle, but just one letter. Must be 5x easier, no?

Light people - Maniac Fireball game

Like Like - The online museum of multiplayer art

Lines - An interesting five-in-a-row game

Ling Your Language - Work out which language you are hearing.

Little Alchemy 2 - Combine things and create new stuff

Little people - Point and click little people game....

Little Runmo - A nice platform game

littlealchemy - Drag element icons onto the page, combine to form 360 new elements

Logix - Fun 2 minute puzzle

Long Doge Challenge - How wow can you gow?

Loops of Zen - Restore harmony by completing loops. Ommmm....

Lost Gamer - Like GeoGuessr, but for videogames

Maxwell Cat World - Find the rat. Eat the rat. Repeat.

Maze toys - Use arrow keys to solve the daily maze

Mazes - Many meandering mazes

Me and the key... - Find the key - :-)

Miestas - Odd game

Mindless target shooting game - quick and fun shooitng game

Mini-Putt 3 - Miniature golf game

Missile Game 3D - POV missile game

Mitoza - Pointless game or pointless toy? either way....

Monolith - An evolutionary click game

Monster match - Match the monsters before they get you

More or less - Estimation and comparison game

Morphing - A puzzle game of shape-shifting

MOTAS - Mystery Of Time And Space - Point and click game - love it!

Mouse under Siege - Save your pointer!

Mousepoint - A clickless mouse game

Move Click Live - Survive hidden enemies

Murder - Murder!

Must Pop Words - Make words from the letters as fast as you can

Nanaca-Crash - weird one :o)

Nation States - Political simulation game - create your own nation.

Ncase me - Things you can play - mostly somewhat weird

Nekra Psaria - Dead Fish, apparently. Creepy escape game

Neun und neunzig - 99 Red Balloons. Burst them.

Never Ending Level - Pointless puzzle

N-gon - Robot scrolling physicsy platform game

NitroType - A multiplayer typing and racing game

No Game - There Is No Game.

Nonogram frvr - Nonogram puzzles. Gorgeous!

Not enough chefs - A text-based multitasking cooking game

Not Pron - Longer than 2 minutes I reckon!

Number - Rules: make number go up

Nyoom - Rolling ball physics game

Obey the game - Just do as you're told, unless you're told not to...

Oh Flip - A game of endless backflips

OKO game - Spin the image around until it matches - with creepy music.

Olaf's fancy footwork - Help Olaf with his dance moves

One Button Bob - Just click when it feels appropriate...

One Square Minesweeper - Use your skilll and logic to find the mine

One-and-one story - Cute romantic platform game

Orb farm - Create a mini-aquarium inside a glass bubble

Osada - Wild-West weirdness

P.A.P.G. - Pencil and Paper Games

Paintball the game - Ha! - 68 minutes - can you completing it in less??

Paku Paku - 1-dimensional Pacman. Hit a key to change direction.

Paper Pong - A pong game, in a book. Click the picture and turn to page 1.

Paperclips - Build your own paperclip empire

Parking in style - Park your car without destroying it

Paths game - pointless pathways....

Pattern memory - Remember the squares, then click them. Gets pretty tricky!

Pause ahead - Interesting platform game

Pebble Jame - Drop pebbles onto matching colours

Pentris - Like Tetris, but more so

Perfect circle - Can you draw a perfect circle?

Ping Pong Chaos - Absurd chaotic ping pong game.

Pinguin Extreme - We play this again and again... One of the best

Pink - Just colour everything pink. A Bart Bonte game

Pitbull party - Dodge the scratches

Pixel Flag - Guess the country from a pixellated flag

Planet matching - 3 or more matching

Platformer Mixtape - Retro platform game with many challenges.

Polkadot Game - Eat small dots, avoid big dots

Polkadot game - Eat smaller dots, avoid bigger dots

Pong - Several varieties of Pong. Can you get your head round radial pong?

Pongs - 32 different games of pong.

Portal - Portal: The Flash Version. Over 40 mind-bending levels

Potato or tomato - Test your veg skills

Powder game - Fun with physics

Powerline - Snakes charge themselves by being close to other snakes.

Press the Button? - You could spend time happily pressing a button - but - you would never get that time back.

Pretentious Game - Odd line-drawing game

Primes - Like 2048, but make the biggest prime number you can

Prince of Persia - You have 8 minutes to stop the Vizier unleashing the Sands of Time

Progress Quest - An RPG where everything is done for you - roll up a character, then sit back and watch...

Pursuit of hat - A disarmingly cute game. Hop you like it.

Pursuit of hat 2 - Bite your own arms off to rescue your hat. Part 2.

Puzzle Prime - All the puzzles you could ever want

QWOP - Any ideas?? Run, Walk, Stumble,...?

Raiden X - Neat Shoot em up - with power ups!

Rainy Day - Get home without getting wet. If only you had an umbrella.

Random Names game - A game to rank your own name the highest.... What rank is your name?

Rat Maze - Mindless "2 minute" game

Reach more than 50 seconds - Avoidence game < 2mins!

Record Tripping - Alice in Wonderland plus DJ scratching. Odd.

Record Tripping - Winner of Awards

Red Remover - Odd game - good for 2 minutes!

Redactle - Reveal wikipedia articles by guessing the redacted words and numbers. New article each day.

Riddlewot - Solve pointless riddles

Rings 4x4 - A ring-stacking puzzle game

Robots are People Too - 2-player browser game. Or one ambidextrous player.

Rockbasher - Dig tunnels - but don't get crushed by falling rocks!

ROFL-Copter - A game of typewriter text!

Rogue - Rogue - the original rogue-like game

ROLLOVER App - It's what we've been up to here for the last 18 months - Rollover is quirky and for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad :o)

Rooftop snipers - Jump and shoot. Avoid falling off the roof.

Room Escape Maker - Make your own escape room, or play other people's rooms

Roomba quest - Use the arrow keys to help Roomba gain enlightenment

Rotate - Shift-inspired game. Rotate the world. Avoid spikes.

Rotate2 - Rotate the pipe pieces so that there are no open ends.

Rotopo - Quick-thinking puzzle game, simply visit each square.

RPG Playground - Make and play your own role-playing games

Rubik solver - Get some help unscrambling your Rubik's cube

Rubik's Cube Explorer - A virtual Rubik's cube. Happy twisting...

Run2 - 3D running or skating game. Use arrow keys and space bar.

Samorost - Cute puzzle game

Samorost2 - Hours of pointless cuteness (follow up to Samorost1)

Sandboxels - Possibly the most comprehensive falling sand game ever?

Sandspiel - Play with sand

Sandtris - Tetris with a twist of sand

Scalak - A nice 3D puzzle game.

Scary maze game - Do not play if you are easily scared, or have a heart condition!

Seedship - You are an artificial intelligence trying to find humanity’s new home.

Seen on Screen - online puzzle experiment

Semantle - Guess the word, except it could be literally any word.

Semantris - A Google game - tetris with meaning

Sentry knight - Fight off the marauding hordes

Shape reaction - Click to create a pointless chain reaction

Shape shifter - You are a mouse. Now you are a rabbit. Now you are an... elephanty... thing.

Sheep tranquilizer - We rated "Bobbing bobcat" !

Shopping Cart Hero - The ultimate shopping cart game

Short Life - A gruesome and gory platform game. You've been warned!

Short RPG - Role-playing game for those in a hurry.

Sidewalk Sidestep - Can you walk down the street without colliding with other people?

silent conversation - Play a game, read a story at the same time

Simple maths - Can you do simple maths under pressure?

Sisyphean Funtime - Move the sand from one side to the other to win points!

Slightly annoying traffic - Click a car to start or stop. Avoid crashes. Sounds simple enough.

Slime - Slime soccer world cup

Slime Laboratory 2 - You are a blob of green slime with googly eyes.

Slither.io - Snakey version of agar.io

Slow roads - Endless driving

Small Worlds game - Low resolution weirdity...

Snail - How far can one snail travel?

Snail Bob - Snaily puzzle game

Snake game.... - Like it!

Snowman - A festive hangman-style game. Guess the word to save the snowman

Soccer Snakes - Snakes playing soccer! Press space to start, arrows to move.

Sort the Court - See how you fare as the ruler of the land

Space and Arrows - Pointless mini-games all controlled with space and arrow keys

Space is key - Press space.

Space museum escape - Point and click escape game - takes a while to load.

Spaceplan - A space and potato based click game

Spank the Monkey - ->> Lots of high scores from 500 to 1000 mph! << (and one of 2779 mph!! by Ryan!!)

Speed-warp - ASCII adventure with an arcade console!

Spent - Spend wisely and make it through the month

Splix - Multiplayer snake/painter game

Sporcle - Quizzes galore - test your knowledge against your friends

Spot the difference - Photo spot-the-difference puzzles. The circuit board photo is tricky!

Squaredle - Wordle meets word search. A new grid every day.

Star finder - A Star is hidden on every level...

Star Finder 2 - More stars to find - love it!

Star finder 3 - Weird follow up to Star finder 2

Starblast - Multiplayer asteroids-like game

Starlight 2 - Move the mouse to find the hidden constellations

Steamshovel Harry - As one commenter says: "If you don't get it, you're not supposed to."

Stick and Spinning thing game... - Get your orange stick to the spinning thing...

Stick RPG 2 - Stick RPG - the sequel

Stick RPG from X Gen - fun RPG - mindless :o)

Stickman Archery - Simple swipe-to-shoot archery game

Strategic TicTacToe - A nice variation on a traditional game

Sudoku slam - Online sudoku puzzle generator/solver

Sugar Sugar 3 - Includes a new sugar portalling element

Suika - Pointless fruit-stacking game

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Delux 3 - Latest guitar hero clone - fun!

Super Press Space to Win - pointless game!

Super Santa Kicker 2 - Kick Santa so he lands in the chimney. Collect sacks of goodies on the way. Ho ho ho!

Super Stacker 2 - Pile 'em up high

Swerve - Tap/click to swerve. Keep a bucket handy.

Synesthesia (in space) - You are a robot eye or something. Cool puzzle platform game

Tales of Dorime - Ameno's rescue. Platform game - only one level but fun anyway

Tangaroa Deep - Pilot a submersible to the Pacific depths. If you dare.

Tangerine Panic - Avoid the tangerines...

Tanks - Get them before they get you

Teach me to fly - Teach a wingsuited penguin to fly through buildings

Telescope game - Grandmaster levels? I don't think so!

Terms and conditions - Always say no. Except when you need to say yes. Or something else entirely...

Tetris - The classic block game online

Tetris with Physics - Physics and Tetris combined in harmony

Text adventures - Loads of text adventures. Type in commands, or use the menu options at top right.

The Big CB - An Artificial Intelligence playground

The company of myself - Collaborate with your previous selves

The Game - In case there's anyone who's still not playing

The Gostak - An Interofgan Halpock. If you get confused, this may help.

The Gostak - An Interofgan Halpock. The gostak distims the doshes.

The i of it - Help the 'i' to find the 't'. Can you make it? (ha!) Use arrow keys.

The Universe is Dark - An incremental game about lighting up the universe.

The Visitor - Point and Click alien intruder game...

This is the only level - Only one level....

This is the only level - 3 - This is the only level... THREE!!!

This is the only level - 4 - It's the level that just keeps on giving

This is the only level - too - Stage after stage...

Throw Me - We scored 61027 - can you beat us?

Tiger Simulator - Become a tiger in wilderness and raise your own family.

Tile Puzzles - Unscrambling games with hi-scores and progressive train puzzles

Tix Tax - Tactical tic-tac-toe

Tonality - Audio pair-matching memory game

Touch pianist - Piano Hero?

Tower of Heaven - Climb the tower, gameboy-style.

Treadmillasaurus - weird!

Treasure Box - Find the treasure, become a... King?

T-Rex Runner - Dino Hopper. Use arrow keys to jump or duck

Triangular - Guess the third point of an equilateral triangle

Truck Loader 4 - Use the electromagnet to stack boxes onto the truck

Trust - The evolution of trust

Trycolors - A colour mixing game

Tube clicker - A YouTube simulator click-game

Twenty - Merge numbers and get to 20

Twisted Pac Man - Territory version of Pac Man

TypeRacer - Online multiplayer typing game.

Ultimate Crab Battle - Just the Boss enemy....

Ultimate Idiot Test - Just follow the instructions. Carefully.

Ultimate TicTacToe - Tic Tac Toe but much harder, with 2-player or CPU option.

Unfair Platformer - Heh heh heh

Unfreeze Me - Use water to free the birds from their icy prisons

Use Boxmen - Simple puzzle game. Use the boxmen wisely.

Useless cat game - Where is the cat?

Vasarely - Colour-matching puzzle game

Velocity Raptor - You are a dinosaur. The speed of light is 3 mph. Apart from that, almost everything's normal.

Wafflegame - Crossword meets Wordle

Walk Left - Just walk left.

Walk Right Game - Just Walk. Right?

Warthog Launch - Explosions and flying vehicles

Warzone Tower Defense - Tower defense in a warzone...

Way to go - Walk, run, fly...

wbwwb - We become what we behold - a game about news cycles.

Website Asteroids - Destroy webpages. Pew pew pew.

What the movie - Guess the movie from a single frame

Where Am I - A confusing block-sorting game

Where in the USA - Five guesses to locate a photo on a map of the USA

Where is cat - Can you find the cat?

Where is the elephant? - Can you find the elephant? 'Interesting' (and loud) soundtrack.

Where is the Sloth - Can you find the sloth?

Who's that Pokemon? - Pokemon silhouettes - can you name them all?

Wikigame - Race through wikipedia pages trying to link one topic to another

Wikipedia Text Adventure - An old-school text adventure, using Wikipedia for its map

Wikitrivia - Put random events in historical order

Wings - Multiplayer aerial combat

Witch Egg - You are a witch and you raise an egg.

Wonderputt - Minigolf with a difference

Wooden Path 2 - Bridge-building puzzle game

Word association - Don't break the chain of associations

Word swapz - Waste some time solving anagrams

Wordle - If you haven't played Wordle yet, you should do so now.

World Draw - Create buildings, trees, and vehicles in an ever-growing world

World of Solitaire - All the Solitaire games you could ever want

World solitaire - Solitaire game where the countries of the world compete against each other.

World's Dumbest Game - Games don't get much more pointless than this.

World's Hardest Game - This one is tricky!

World's hardest game - We got tolevel 2...

World's Hardest Game 4 - The world's hardest game. Try it in Hardcore mode?

Written realms - Make and play text adventure games

Wup - Just move left.

Yellow - Just turn the screen yellow

You are in a forest - A classic. See what people are saying about YouAreInAForest.com

You have to burn the rope (YHTBTR) - Music as a reward!

Zebra puzzles - Daily logic puzzles to solve on your coffee-break.

Zebra puzzles - A collection of logic puzzles

Zork - Zork - the original massive free text adventure.

Z-Type - Space-invader typing game

Zwill - Eat the cheese. Jump on the worms.


TOP 10
1. Daily Jigsaw
2. Vasarely
3. Find the Difference
4. Bubble shooter
5. Zebra puzzles
6. Rings 4x4
7. World of Solitaire
8. Paku Paku
9. Rockbasher
10. Eyeballing game

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