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Latest 2 minute games...

Individually selected 2 minute games. Original and highly addictive entertainment for that quick gaming fix. Featuring all the best games and puzzles from our sister site - PointlessSites.com

Trust - The evolution of trust

Either - A game of preferences

Human Benchmark - Test your mental abilities

Website Asteroids - Destroy webpages. Pew pew pew.

Progress Quest - An RPG where everything is done for you - roll up a character, then sit back and watch...

Game About Squares - Just push the squares onto the circles

Tube clicker - A YouTube simulator click-game

Laserguns - Lasers and a squirrel. Pew pew pew.

Synesthesia (in space) - You are a robot eye or something. Cool puzzle platform game

The Game - In case there's anyone who's still not playing

Flabby physics - Control with the spacebar!

Hextris - Hexagonal color-matching tetris-like game.

Wikipedia Text Adventure - An old-school text adventure, using Wikipedia for its map

Word association - Don't break the chain of associations

Spinz.io - Multiplayer fidget spinner battle

Skribbl.io - Multiplayer online Pictionary

Biggest Highest Best - Test your knowledge against the clock

Cornwall Or Not - A game about deciding whether you're in Cornwall or not

Starblast - Multiplayer asteroids-like game

Fun Trivia - A website with quizzes about everything and anything.

Fill the Oceans - Another clicker game - fill the oceans, drop by drop

99 balls - Kind of breakout pool mashup game

Tetris with real bricks - Towerblock Tetris

Langton's Ants - Like Conway's Life, but with digital ants.

2048 Numberwang - That's Numberwang!

Witch Egg - You are a witch and you raise an egg.

Snake - Old-skool snake game.

Contrast Cannon - Odd ball game :-)

Way to go - Walk, run, fly...

Ultimate Crab Battle - Just the Boss enemy....
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TOP 10
1. Riddlewot
2. Human Benchmark
3. Game About Squares
4. Tube clicker
5. Website Asteroids
6. Progress Quest
7. Skribbl.io
8. Witch Egg
9. Wikipedia Text Adventure
10. Spinz.io
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